Lazy Sunday, lazy Monday (at Château de Cuntos)

Hm (at Château de Cuntos)

Title: Momentum Artist: Modern Life Is War 667 plays


Down the old staircase , I’m walking out the door.
I feel lost here 
tonight, everything has changed since that summer before.
forward , I’m glancing back.
There’s no one in the window begging me 
to come back.
The streetlights are burning but I’m not yet ready for 
this day to be done.
Cause I always come up short.
I’m always lusting 
for something more.
And so I push right into the night harder and harder until my heart beats just right. Across downtown and over the tracks. Exhaustion finally taking hold down to the place I love where nobody knows.
Old photographs much too late at night.
I dream of 
times I wish I could leave behind.
And I always wake up ugly and 
I’ve gotta change my mind. I’ve gotta change my life, get 
down to the root of the problem,cure my misdirection , cause all the laughs die at closing time and I lie awake wondering why I’m an all or nothing kid and why I’ve been feeling like nothing all of the time.

Where do I go? Am I on my own?


NASA scientists with their board of calculations, 1961

It’s been a loooong day

Absolute banger mail day! #catchoftheday #howareya #notmuch

Finishing work before midday and having the rest of the day to do nothing but sit around in the sun is pretty great (at Chateau de Cuntos)


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Hollywood vs. reality